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Cloverdale Baseball Social Media Director

07/30/2017, 10:15am PDT
By Cloverdale Baseball

Cloverdale Baseball is happy to announce that Melanie Poitras has assume the role of our Social Media Director, and will oversee information that will be posted to our association Facebook page, Twitter account, or other social media platforms.

While we have not yet formalized a policy on what types of information is appropriate to be posted onto the association web site versus Facebook or Twitter, you are encouraged to send Melanie any pertinent information to and she can determine where it should be posted (please send the information in the format to be posted as much as possible).

Cloverdale Baseball's social media info can be found on on our web site at Cloverdale Baseball Social Media Feeds, or directly on Facebook at, or Twitter at (or tag us @CloverdaleSpurs on your tweets).

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