LAST CHANCE TO SIGN UP – 2021 Winter Clinics

Registration is closing soon for our Fall/Winter Training Clinics. The clinics are open to all skill levels for any player wishing to work on a more specific set of skills. The clinics will begin the week November 7th and run until the week of December 12th. The clinics will be held at a specific day/time (as listed below). The cost for each clinic is $120 per 6-week session.

In addition to our current protocols, we are having to limit the number of players for each session at 8. This will also ensure that players are getting the most out of instruction from the coaches. Parents will not be allowed in the batting cage to watch the sessions.

This year we are excited to have three coaches running the below Clinics for us: John Parker, Michael Dagg, and Jake MacDonald. Each coach has extensive knowledge of the game and are a terrific resource to our organization.

NOTE:  Each clinic is a separate registration.

Sessions available are:

Tadpole  (Birth years 2013 & 2014)

  • Sundays 12pm – Fielding/Batting/Baseball IQ   (Coach: Dagg) 2 Spots Left
  • Sundays 5pm – Batting/Fielding   (Coach: MacDonald) 8 Spots Left
  • Mondays 5pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker) 4 posts Left
  • Tuesday 5pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker) 6 Spots Left
  • Wednesdays 5pm – Fielding/Batting/Baseball IQ   (Coach: Dagg) 6 Spots Left
  • Thursdays 5pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker) 8 Spots Left
  • Fridays 5pm – Fielding/Batting/Baseball IQ   (Coach: Dagg) 6 Spots Left
  • Saturdays 11am – Pitching/Batting Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker) 3 Spots Left

Mosquito  (Birth years 2011 & 2012)

  • Sundays 1pm – Fielding/Batting/Baseball IQ   (Coach: Dagg)  5 Spots Left
  • Sundays 6pm – Batting/Fielding   (Coach: MacDonald)  6 Spots Left
  • Sundays 7pm – Catchers/Pitching   (Coach: MacDonald)  6 Spots Left
  • Mondays 6pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker)  5 Spots Left
  • Tuesday 6pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker)  2 Spots Left
  • Wednesdays 6pm – Fielding/Batting/Baseball IQ   (Coach: Dagg)  4 Spots Left
  • Thursdays 6pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker)  5 Spots Left
  • Fridays 6pm – Fielding/Batting/Baseball IQ   (Coach: Dagg) 8 Spots Left
  • Saturdays 12pm – Pitching/Batting Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker) 6 Spots Left

PeeWee  (Birth years 2009 & 2010)

  • Sundays 2pm – Fielding/Batting/Baseball IQ   (Coach: Dagg)  4 Spots Left
  • Sundays 3pm – Catchers/Pitching   (Coach: MacDonald)  3 Spots Left
  • Sundays 4pm – Batting/Fielding   (Coach: MacDonald)  6 Spots Left
  • Mondays 7pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker)  FULL
  • Tuesday 7pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker)  4 Spots Left
  • Wednesdays 7pm – Fielding/Batting/Baseball IQ   (Coach: Dagg)  4 Spots Left
  • Thursdays 7pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker)  5 Spots Left
  • Fridays 7pm – Fielding/Batting/Baseball IQ   (Coach: Dagg)  3 Spots Left
  • Saturdays 1pm – Pitching/Batting Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker)  6 Spots Left

Bantam  (Birth years 2007 & 2008)

  • Sundays 11am – Fielding/Batting   (Coach: Dagg)  1 Spot Left
  • Saturdays 2pm – Pitching/Batting/Baseball Skills   (Coach: Parker)  3 Spots Left

Please visit the following link to register: REGISTER HERE

For any further questions regarding the clinics, please email Coach and Player Development Director, Brady Parker

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