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Heavy Hitter 50/50 Draw

05/26/2017, 12:15pm PDT
By Cloverdale Baseball


All CMBA members:

As many of you are aware, Cloverdale Minor Baseball is running a two month 50/50 draw in an effort to raise funds for needed facility improvements. On the Long Weekend in May, 20 of our volunteers manned our CMBA  booth at the Cloverdale Rodeo to sell 50/50 tickets, however, the resulting sales volumes  were far lower than we expected.  As a result we are seriously behind in our projections for numbers of tickets sold. We would really love to have this new endeavor become a success but to do that we need the help of every member in our Association. As mentioned in the past, we have 1500 parents in Cloverdale Minor Baseball. If each parent sold just 2 tickets, we could sell this draw out completely. We will have our booth set up at the park all day Saturday in front of the concession stand. Please drop by and sign out a book of tickets or purchase tickets. We want to do the draw at our Closing Ceremonies on June 17th, so time is at a premium.  Help Cloverdale Minor Baseball make this new initiative a success!


Cam Gair
Vice President

CMBA is pleased to announce that our Heavy Hitter 50/50 draw is now available in the concession.

If you would like to get your chance to win up to $10,000 at our closing ceremonies then get your tickets before they are gone.

Players that would like to sell tickets are encouraged to get their parent to sign out a book from the Concession supervisor. Each book of tickets that the player sells will get one entry for a draw for a brand new Nintendo Switch.

Heavy Hitter 50/50 Draw

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