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Umpire FAQs

Q: My child is interested in becoming an Umpire.

Kids who are Mosquito age and higher are eligible to become Umpires.  We offer a 2 day course, free of charge, in our park to train the kids.  This course takes place in late March or early April.

Please contact Umpire In Chief, Gord McFarlane for more information:

Q: What equipment does my child require for Umpiring?

Each Umpire is required to be dressed in a blue long sleeved shirt and dark pants.  The option to purchase a uniform will be provided with registration of the Umpire course.

An Umpire clicker and a plate dusting brush are very useful.

Q: Who does an Umpire report to before each game?

All Umpires must check in at the Concession before their assigned game.  Plate Umpires will find their equipment in the “green bin” located behind the Concession.  It is the Umpires responsibility to return the equipment to the bin at the end of the game.  Umpires will be paid at the Concession after their game is completed.