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CMBA AGM Election Results

09/22/2020, 11:00am PDT
By Cloverdale Minor Baseball

Congratulations and thank you to those who volunteered last night to serve on our CMBA Board of Directors:

President (2 yr term) - Vacant
2nd Vice President (2 yr term) - Tobé Leney
Treasurer (1 yr term) - Trevor Harms
Secretary (2 yr term) - Wendi Bordelay
Registrar (Mosquito to Midget) (2 yr term) - Breanne Bird
Coach & Player Development Director (1 yr term) - Chris Semak
Director at Large (1 yr term) - Debi Leith, Kelly Grace, Matthew Klaponski, Michael Yamaguchi, Robyn Kopelman, Scott Zulyniak

The winner of the free registration for 2021 was Wendi Bordelay.

2020 Fall Ball Registration

09/07/2020, 1:15pm PDT
By Cloverdale Minor Baseball

Fall ball registration is now open. Please note all registration must be done online. The season is set to begin the week of Sept 14-20 and run until Mid October, weather permitting.  Registration is open for Mosquito, PeeWee and Bantam players. All players will receive a hat and jersey/shirt. Practices and games will be held at the Cloverdale ball park and potentially other parks dependent on Cohort Interlocks.  Please note, as with many things in 2020, this season will look a little different from typical fall ball as we follow and adhere to all Safety Requirements.


Please ensure you read ALL policies and required waivers when you register.  This is extremely important as the waivers will be required at the first practice.

Fall ball rates as follows:

Mosquito $110 born 2010-2011

Peewee $130 born 2008-2009

Bantam $160 born 2006-2007 - Waitlist

Midget $260 born 2003-2005

*please note we are still looking for coaches in the Mosquito and PeeWee Divisions, please email the division coordinator if you have interest in coaching, the number of players we can accept is dependent on volunteer coaches.


There will be tryouts for the Peewee AA team, details on time and location to provided shortly.**Completed online and paid registration required to attend the tryout, additionally, if you do not pre-register you will not be allowed to try out.


If you have any questions please email Nicole, mosquito to midget registrar at

Cloverdale College Prep / Midget Fall Ball Registration

08/28/2020, 7:15am PDT
By Cloverdale Baseball

Fall Ball 2020 will begin Wednesday, Sept. 16th and will run until mid/late October depending on weather conditions.

It is open to any players from Grades 10-12 that reside anywhere in the Lower Mainland. Birth years 2003, 2004 and 2005.

Total cost for fall will be $260 per player. Players will receive a Cloverdale shirt and hat.

All practices will be at Hillcrest Park in Cloverdale with exhibition games being played across the lower mainland. 

There will be winter sessions after Fall ball has concluded. More information will be given at a later date.

If you would like more information, please contact:
Bob Foerster - Manager/Head Coach - or 604.996.0454

2020 Spring Registration is now OPEN

02/09/2020, 9:30am PST
By CMBA Registrar

Spring Registration is now open for 2020.  Please note all registrations must be done online.  

Rates increase Feb 15, so get it all in early!


Blastball 5U (2015) - Open

T-Ball 6U (2014) - Open

Super-T 7U (2013) - Open

Tadpole 9U (2011-2012) - 14 spots 

Mosquito 11U (2009-2010) - Waitlist (please email Robyn at

Peewee 13U (2007-2008) - Waitlist (Please email Chris at

Bantam 15U (2005-2006) - Waitlist (Please email Tobe at

Midget 18U (2002-2004) - Reopened - Limited spots remaining

Smoking Ban in ALL Surrey Parks

07/17/2015, 4:45pm PDT
By City of Surrey

Dear Sports Association Representative,

Due to the ongoing hot and dry weather, city parks have reached a point in which the danger of fire is critically high. Many of the fires in BC have apparently been started by discarded cigarettes.

Smoking is prohibited in all Surrey Parks including all sportfields, open spaces, paths, driveways and parking lots and is subject to a $200 fine per occurrence (Park By-law #13480).

Your co-operation in this matter is compulsory. By-law Enforcement will be patrolling City Parks for compliance. If individuals are ticketed for smoking, who can be linked to a team and league; facility use permits may be immediately revoked, in order to better protect public property.


Sonja Boston
Athletic Services Coordinator
City of Surrey

Batting Cage Rules & Etiquette

03/28/2015, 5:00pm PDT
By Cloverdale Baseball

Coaches, please make sure that you understand all rules and policies governing the use of the batting cage, as they are there to both promote high utilization of the facility while ensuring player safety.

  1. Please DO NOT enter the batting cage until the previous team has cleared out of the cage. This includes the seating area! It is very difficult to ensure that all players have collected their equipment if your team has crowded in and mixed their bags and equipment with the other team's equipment.
  2. Teams ARE NOT to run over their allotted time. When your hour is done – you’re done! This means no excuses like "one last batter" or "quick team meeting" or "we got in late". You must be OUT OF THE CAGE by the time your hour is done.
  3. Therefore, teams must start cleaning up their equipment 5 minutes prior to the end of their session, so they have vacated the batting cage on time. The clock on the wall in the batting cage (near the door) will be considered the official time for the batting cage.
  4. All teams are responsible to clean up the batting cage each time they are finished their session (balls in buckets and bats hung up). Please see the above picture as to what a properly cleaned up batting cage looks like. This is the condition that it should be left in after your session is over.
  5. DO NOT leave the nets open with balls, buckets, ot tee parts laying around.
  6. DO NOT (EVER) leave pitching machines in lanes on the turf when you leave.
  7. DO NOT leave L-screens in the lanes when you leave.
  8. The rule of thumb is if you remove anything from the wood platform at the south end, you MUST return it there when done.
  9. There is to be no smoking, food of any kind, or beverages (except water) in the batting cage.
  10. NO SPITZ are allowed in the batting cage. EVER! This includes the waiting area. You are not exempt by thinking that you can spit the shells into a garbage can or empty bottle. This includes players, parents, siblings, etc. NOT ALLOWED!
  11. NO GUM is allowed in the batting cage. We now have gum embedded in the turf that may never come out. This is a simple rule, and coaches are required to enforce it!
  12. Only clean runners or turf shoes are to be worn. NO CLEATS
  13. Only adults are to feed or operate the pitching machines.
  14. Batting helmets must be worn while batting.
  15. Balls are to be placed back in the buckets and not in your baseball bags.