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Program Overview


Cloverdale Minor Baseball Association offers fun and competitive baseball programs for boys and girls between the ages of 5 to 18. The spring season runs from March through June with player assessments taking place mid to late February.  The summer all-star league begins after the spring league has finished and it concludes between the end of July and mid-August, depending on the division and how well the team does. Cloverdale Minor Baseball also offers a fall ball program in the Mosquito, Pee Wee and Bantam levels which usually runs from the last week of August until it gets too wet or too cold to play (sometime in October).

Registration takes place around the beginning of December each year until the end of March. Late registration is gladly accepted but we cannot guarantee placement on a team.

Spring Ball Season

In mid to late February, players from Tadpole and older divisions will be called out to the Park to go through skills assessment. Coaches will evaluate the skill level of each player to ensure that an even and fair draft takes place. For Tadpole and Mosquito players this is an assessment only, not a “tryout”. For Pee Wee and up, players have the opportunity to tryout for the AA team(s). Those not selected for AA will then be assessed for placement on single A teams. Pee Wee and higher divisions interlock with other associations during the spring season, while Mosquito and lower play “in house”.

Summer Ball Season

Tryouts also take place for summer ball all-star teams in the Tadpole and higher divisions. Summer ball teams from each division compete with teams from other BC Minor associations and attempt to qualify to compete at the following tournaments;

Tadpole Summer Ball Final Tournament (automatic qualification)
Mosquito Provincials
Pee Wee A Provincials
Pee Wee AA Provincials then Westerns
Pee Wee AAA Provincials then Westerns or Nationals
Bantam A Provincials
Bantam AA Provincials then Westerns
Bantam AAA Provincials then Westerns or Nationals
Midget AA Provincials then Westerns
Midget AAA Provincials then Westerns or Nationals

Fall Ball Season

Fall ball is a more informal season devoted to the increased development of players for the following year. Players eligible to play Pee Wee fall ball are those that will be playing Pee Wee in the next spring league (players that played 2nd year Mosquito or 1st year Pee Wee THIS year). Likewise, players who will play Bantam next year are eligible to play Bantam fall ball THIS year. Cloverdale’s Pee Wee fall ball team historically enters the Coquitlam fall ball tournament on the Labour Day weekend but otherwise all games played are exhibitions. There is no build up to Provincials or League Championships, just fun and learning.


In addition to playing baseball there is also the opportunity for players (or parents) to become umpires and earn some extra cash. Starting at age 11, players can attend training sessions to qualify them to ump the games of younger age groups. It’s an excellent way to learn more about the game.

Read through as much of the web site as you can and feel free to contact an executive member or volunteer for more information.