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Volunteer Times & Information

The parents of each child help the association by volunteering for a variety of positions or duties, the most common being to perform a shift within the concession.

At registration time, you can select to include a $175 "Volunteer Duty Deposit Cheque" (which gets torn up once you complete a volunteer shift in the concession, take a coaching position, or take another volunteer position that qualifies as fulfilling your volunteer obligation), or you can "opt-out" of doing volunteer duty by including a $150 "Volunteer Duty Opt-Out Cheque" (dated the same as your registration cheque). The money from the opt out cheques will allow us to hire people to fill concession shift when we are short of volunteer workers. The $175 deposit cheques, for those who did not fulfill their volunteer duty, will now be cashed the day before the AGM in June.

Families with 2 or more children on the same team must do a shift for each child. As the Coaches are already giving a lot of their time, our league policy is that the Head Coach and 2 Assistants are exempt from concession duty.

A concession shift runs approximately 4 hours. There is always a shift manager on duty to help train and answer any questions. The non-concession volunteer shifts will be posted and available for sign up when they have been organized.

With the amount of work to be done during the season, we could not do it without the parents efforts and their volunteer time.  The money made from the concession is used to pay the umpires and without it our registration fees would be much higher.

Please contact the Concession Manager for more information.

Note 1: There are no exemptions from performing volunteer duty for any parents, other than through the opt out process above.

Note 2: The "opt-out" exemption does not exempt you from performing "team" duties, such as scorekeeping or performing field maintenance before or after games.

Note 3: The "opt-out" exemption does not exempt you from performing duties (concession or field maintenance) which may be required if your team is a host team playing in a Cloverdale tournament.

Concession Volunteer Shift

  1. Your shift in the CMBA concession is a 4 hour shift.  The duties include handling cash, food prep, barbequing, and clean up at the end of the night.
  2. You sign up for your shift on the DIBS section of the CMBA web page. 
  3. Please note that if the park is closed due to weather, in advance of your signed up shift time, then the shift is cancelled and you do not get credit as fulfilling the shift. You will be required to select a different available shift. If you arrive for your shift and a subsequent decision is made to close the park and cancel the games, you will be credited as completing your shift.  Please check the CMBA websites front page in the case of unsettled weather to see if the park has been closed.

You must be 16 years of age or older to sign up to work in the concession.  There are NO substitutions or volunteers allowed younger than 16 without prior approval from the Concession Manager.   You must be 14 years or older to be in the concession since it is an operating food establishment. You will be required to follow all food safety/COVID guidelines set out by the association.