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Cloverdale Minor Baseball supplies uniforms to all it’s players. Blastball and T-Ball will receive a hat and a t-shirt that they may keep. All other divisions are provided a shirt (jersey), pants and a hat. The hat is kept by the player. A $150 cheque dated May 1 is required at Registration. This cheque is cashed if your uniform is not returned by the end of June.

Uniforms are given to the Coach and are distributed by the Coach or Team Manager to the players. The Coach or Team Manager is responsible for recording the size and number on jersey and the size of pants for each team player on the sheet provided by the Equipment Manager and returning it when completed.

At the end of the season, Coaches or Team Manager will collect the uniforms back and return them to the Equipment Manager. Remember, failure to return the uniform will result in the player’s deposit cheque being cashed.

Due to hygiene reasons, we do not supply batting helmets.

Also, it is required that all players wear athletic protective equipment (i.e. jocks & jills) for games and practices.