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Coaches Information

General Information

If you are interested in being a coach please click on the link below to Register on our Coaches Registration page.

  1. All coaches for Cloverdale Minor Baseball Association are required to undergo an RCMP Criminal Background Check and complete the Volunteer Disclosure - Form A every year.
  2. It is the Coaches responsibility to display and promote good sportsmanship and fair play of their team and parents at all times. Behave the way you want players and spectators too. Be positive and remember that all participants are special and important.
  3. Emphasize that participating and doing one’s best are more important than who wins or loses. Remind players that everyone is a valued member of the team. Keep it fun while developing their skills and constructive attitudes towards competition.
  4. Respect the Umpires and accept their decisions, do not argue with them. CMBA has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy regarding this. Actively encourage players to respect umpires and other competitors, that without them there would be no game.
  5. Encourage communication between coaches, players and parents
  6. Learn and respect the rules of the games.
  7. Home Teams are responsible to prepare the fields for play. In Tadpole and Mosquito the home team is responsible to line the field, fill in depressions and after the game they are to rake the infield, home plate and pitching mound areas. It is also the home teams responsibility to return all equipment to the bins and lock up them up.
  8. Although it is not mandatory, the Cloverdale Minor Baseball Association encourages coaches at all levels to complete a minimum of Level 1 technical. CMBA will pay for all Coaches who participate in coaching level courses. In some instances, a Coach may have to prepay their fee and then be reimbursed by CMBA.
  9. Coaches must submit a $100.00 postdated deposit cheque for equipment bags. The cheque is returned to the Coach when he turns in the equipment into the Equipment Manager.
  10. Coaches are responsible for picking up team uniforms and returning them at the end of the season to the Equipment Manager(s).
  11. One Head Coach and 2 Assistant Coaches per team are exempt from Volunteer duties. While the head coach may chose to name other assistant coaches to a team, the head coach must then name which 2 assistant coaches are "official" and will receive the volunteer duty credit.  Any parent that is "officially" coaching the team must complete a Criminal Record check.  The exceptions may include one time step into help.  Please discuss with your division coordinator for specifics.
  12. A Coach must be prepared to spend time practicing with their team in order that the players have a chance to develop skills and team spirit. During pre-season, several practices a week are desirable. As the season progresses practice sessions may vary in duration and frequency. Depending on the needs of the team, a practice will generally have some or all of the following elements in it:

  • Discussion
  • Warm-up
  • Skill demonstration
  • Skill practice
  • Chalk talk
  • Scrimmage or practice

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