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Coaching Application Deadlines

Any coach who wishes to apply to head coach one of the following teams must submit a letter of intent to the CMBA Secretary and their division coordinator by the listed deadlines.

These programs must include an Coaching Application and a Project Planner outlining money needed and how you want to run these programs, and updates must be made to the board by the AGM and again at the end of the season.

To apply to head coach one of these teams, please download  the documents to the left, fill them out electronically and e-mail them to the CMBA Secretary, fill them out by hand and mail them to:

  • Box 34163 – 17790 #10 Highway
    Surrey, BC  V3S 8C4

Single Season: 18U College Prep & AAA or 15U AAA & AA

(Season is spring and summer combined)

  • Applications submitted by: August 1st
  • Decision made by: TBD

Spring Season: Pee Wee AA

  • Applications submitted by: October 1st
  • Decision made no earlier than: October 8th

The coaches committee will rank the coaches in order of choice. This ranking will then be put aside until player assessments are completed.

To be eligible to qualify to coach your son or daughter, they must rank high enough at assessments to be invited to tryouts (as per our Draft Process Policy) for the level that you are applying to coach.

At that time, the coaches will be asked if they would like to coach if their son or daughter is not among the selected group. They will have the choice to accept or decline the coaching opportunity. If after the assessment, none of the coaches’ kids are ranked high enough, the committee will select the highest ranked coach, with the exception that their son or daughter be allowed to play for this team.

Spring Season: Midget AA, Bantam A or Pee Wee A

  • Applications submitted by: February 1st
  • Decision made by: March 1st

Summer Ball


2021 COVID-19 Special Deadline

Due to the suspended start to the season due to COVID-19 in 2021 the application deadlines for the divisions below have been extended to May 8th, 2021.


Midget AA, Bantam A, Pee Wee (A, AA or AAA), Mosquito (A, AAA Tier 1 or AAA Tier 2) or Tadpole

  • Tadpole and Mosquito Applications Submitted by May 1st
  • PeeWee AAA Applications submitted by: April 15th
  • PeeWee A & AA, Bantam & Midget Applications submitted by: May 1st
  • Decisions for all divisions made by: May 31st

NOTE 1: All application deadlines are final and no late applications will be accepted (other than for a position where there are no applicants). If mailing your application, please email the association secretary and division coordinator that your application has been submitted and will arrive in the mail. If you application arrives in the mail after the application deadline and the applicable board member(s) have not been notified, it will not be accepted.

NOTE 2: We do not require or accept applications for assistant coaching positions. The selected head coach will chose who his/her coaching staff will be.

NOTE 3: We do not accept applications for more than one level within a division for summer ball coaching applications (i.e. applying for both the "A" and the "AA" level). If applications are received for more than one level, the coach will be asked to select which level the application should proceed as.