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Arriving Late for a Game

It is your responsibility to arrive at the park 30 minutes prior to game time.  Please be sure to check in with concession immediately when you arrive.  In the event you are going to be late, call Gord @ 604-375-1760.  Failure to do so could result in a suspension!

If an umpire does not arrive in time for the scheduled game start time, every effort will be made to try to find a replacement umpire for that game.  If your partner hasn’t arrived and it is 15 minutes to game time, you are to inform concession and call Gord @ 604-375-1760.

If it is the plate umpire who is late, the first choice will be to move the base umpire to plate and to then find a replacement base umpire. Once the decision to move the base umpire to plate has been made, if the late umpire arrives he will then become the base umpire instead.

If the late umpire arrives after a suitable replacement umpire has been found, the replacement umpire is now the umpire of record and the umpire who arrived late is out of luck and is not entitled to any pay. We WILL NOT allow an umpire who has arrived after a game has started to take the place of a replacement umpire who has already started working the game.