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Dress Code

Cloverdale is proud to present for all teams playing at our parks a professional appearance by our umpires.  Our dress code includes the following;

  • black BCBUA logo hat
  • black BCBUA logo shirt (always tucked in)
  • black undershirt
  • black belt (not a ball pants belt)
  • grey pleated slacks
  • black socks (not ankle socks)
  • black athletic shoes (not dress shoes) always clean and tied

For new umpires, a bulk purchase is organized at our clinic which will include the BCBUA logo hat, shirt along with a ball bag, plate brush & indicator.

Cold Weather

As you all know especially early in the year, our park can get quite chilly in the evening.  Our priority is umpires are warm and comfortable.  An umpire may wear whatever is required (regardless of color) over their uniform to ensure they are not cold while working a game.  Hoodies are ideal as they have the pocket in front where hands can be kept between pitches.  Gloves are also permitted and should be black if possible.

NOTE…  What ever is worn must be clean and tidy. 

Plate Umpire Gear

All plate Umpire Gear is provided at the park.  Each dianmond has it’s own set of gear which includes;

  • Concussion proof helmet (masks are available as well)
  • Chest protector 
  • Leg Guards

NOTE… When working on the Plate, an athletic cup is mandatory! 

Please, when returning plate gear to it’s storage area do everything you can to keep our area clean and tidy.  DO NOT SIMPLY THROW THE GEAR BACK IN!!!  This gear is expensive, is designed to keep you safe and requires you treat it with care to make it last! 

Should you wish to purchase your own equipment, please give Gord a call @ 604-375-1760 or contact Jerry @ Pro Image Officials Supply Inc.