Bullying & Harassment

Cloverdale Minor Baseball Association believes in having a safe space for all to play, watch, and participate.  That is why there is ZERO tolerance for any actions by any  players, coaches, parents (whether home or visiting), that would be percieved as bullying or harassment in nature.  This can be either direct or in-direct exposure (witnessed) to actions of bullying and/or harassment.

Definition of Bullying and/or Harassment:

  • Targeting an individual or group with repetitive and intentional negative actions.
  • When one person has more power over others and those being targeted feel they are unable to defend themselves.
  • When the person being targeted feels alone, afraid, or unwelcome in the organization.

Examples of Bullying and Harassment:

Some examples of unacceptable behavior with respect to bullying, and harassment include (but not limited to):

  • Threatening behavior, verbal or written threats, humiliation, swearing, insults or condescending language, hitting, shoving, pushing or kicking, spreading malicious rumors, swearing, verbal aggression or insults, harmful hazing or initiation, arguments, sabotage, pushing, physical assaults, psychological trauma

For more information, please refer to our Bullying & Harassment Policy, Players Code of Conduct, Parents Code of Conduct, and Coaches Code of Conduct.

If you are experiencing or have witnessed acts of bullying and/or harrassment within the organization, we encourage you to report it to our committee.  The committee will investigate the claim and take all necessary actions to stop and prevent future acts or bullying and/or harassment. Your identity will be kept confidential and anonymous.

You can email the commitee at bullying_harassment@cloverdalebaseball.com or fill in the form below.

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