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15U Bantam

At the Bantam level base paths are set at 80 feet and Pitchers throw from 54 feet. Lead offs and stealing are allowed and games are 7 innings long. Balk balls are called on pitchers and running to 1st on a dropped 3rd strike is allowed (if 1st base is unoccupied, or if 1st base is occupied with 2 out).

The Bantam division is tiered and at all levels the teams travel to play other associations. Players may try out for the "AA" or "AAA" teams that offer a more competitive level of play. These teams will play similar level teams from other associations.  These teams are considered "single-season" and will remain together through the spring & summer seasons and play 9-person ball.  These teams start training in Jan/Feb and the season goes to mid-August.

Players not selected to the "AA" or "AAA" teams will be selected to one of the "A" teams which offer a more recreational level of play. These "A" teams will play "A" teams from other associations.  A summer "All-Star" season team will be made at the Bantam A level.  Tryouts for this team are usually in mid-late May.


BC Minor Rulebook


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