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13U Peewee

This division is played by 12 and 13 year-olds.

  • Base paths are set at 70 feet.
  • Pitchers throw from 48 feet.
  • Lead-offs and stealing are allowed and games are 7 innings long.
  • Balks are called on pitchers.
  • Running to 1st on a dropped 3rd strike is allowed (if 1st base is unoccupied, or if 1st base is occupied with 2 out).

This is a tiered division where athletes have the opportunity to try-out for our AAA and AA “Rep” program, or can opt into our A or “Recreational” program for the spring season.

The AAA and AA program is designed for experienced players who are invested in the game of baseball. It is at this level where players begin to focus on a few key positions and explore training specific to those needs. This is the most competitive program at the 13U level during the spring season where competition and a greater emphasis on strategy becomes a larger component of the game.

The A program is offered for those who prefer to participate in a more recreational style of play. At this level there is a greater focus on participation and increased opportunity to explore a variety of positions. This program is also perfect for those unable to make a commitment to intensive baseball programming. Please reach out to the Division Coordinator with any questions about what program is appropriate for your child.


The 13U AAA team will operate as a single-season team with the team with the team being selected in Feb/Mar and continuing through the summer until August.  Additional fees will apply.


Peewee offers a summer "All-Star" season.  Tryouts usually take place in mid-late May.

CMBA often forms the following teams for summerball:

  • 13U AA
  • 13U A

The season usually runs late June through mid-August.  There are additional fee(s) for those participating in the summer program and teams will travel to play other associations.


BC Minor Rulebook


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