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11U Mosquito

This Spring season is played by 10 and 11 year olds.
11U (Mosquito) is CMBA’s first year of tiered baseball. In this program, kids will have the opportunity to tryout for our American League (which is our “rep” program) or you can opt into our National League (which is our “recreational” program).
All games are played at the Cloverdale Ballpark on diamond 3 and diamond 4.

The American League ("Rep")

The American League is designed for experienced baseball players who are invested in the game of baseball. This will be the first opportunity for players to begin to explore a focus on specific positions of interest and begin increasing their training time. This is the most competitive spring program at the 11U level where competition, strategy and game play become a larger component of the experience. All players interested in this “rep” program must attend the evaluations and if successful will be placed on an American League team via the draft process. There are no player requests for team placement will be considered in the American League.

The National League ("Recreational")

The National League is designed for those who prefer to participate in a more recreational style of baseball. At this level there is a greater focus on participation and increased opportunity to explore a variety of positions. This program is also great for those who are unable to make a commitment to have baseball as their primary sport or activity through the spring. All players in the National League will be evaluated and through a balanced placement process will be selected to National League Teams. To ensure fair play, balanced placement will take priority over player requests.

Evaluation Process

Through the evaluation process, parents will be able to indicate whether they would like their child to be considered for the American League (‘rep” program). Interest in the American League does not guarantee placement and will be determined by the evaluation process and draft. The number of teams in each division is determined by number of available coaches that volunteer during the registration process.


Mosquito offers a summer "All-Star" season.  Tryouts usually take place in mid-late May.

CMBA often forms the following teams for summerball:

  • 11U AAA Tier 1
  • 11U AAA Tier 2
  • 10U A
  • 11U AA (* depending on player/coach interest)

The season usually runs late June through August long weekend.  There are additional fee(s) for those participating in the summer program and teams will travel to play other associations.


11U Mosquito Rules


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